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Let Me Bring Your Creative Vision To Life 


Membership sites, online courses and successful email marketing. This is my power trio.


It’s 2020! Time to get visible. I build beautiful, functional and responsive Divi websites to inform, convert or sell. Whatever you like!


Virtual Assistants are the best-kept secret in modern productivity. Let me handle your business processes so that you can stay in your zone of genius.


Copywriting is like Karma – what you put out, you get in return, so it’s important your message is right + tight. 

Hey! Creative, Visionary Entrepreneur muse!

We’ve all witnessed the world move online. With that, brick-and-mortar’s have closed down, new paths have opened up, and a whole new way of doing business is emerging. To stand out and be successful in this new online space, you’ll need to master a brand new set of skills.

But this is outside your zone of genius.

You’re a  V I S I O N A R Y  L E A D E R  and a creative one at that.

You pave the way for new possibilities and shine by inspiring a new way of being. You’re not about to get into the nitty-gritty.

Your greatest gift? Your vivid imagination that guides others toward an ‘impossible’ future, and you do it with strength, spirit, and conviction. You recognise the spark of potential in others and don’t hold back in letting others see it too. Perfection, beauty, connection and wisdom is what you seek as you are here to be a role-model, a leader, a pioneer, and a healer.

You’re not a tech wizard, a sales strategist, or a social media specialist. Yet, the moment you step out of your zone of genius to master these foreign systems, you’ll dilute the core of your message and spread yourself too thin.

Well, a visionary spread  t o o   t h i n  is a visionary that’s helped no one at all.

How are you to imagine the impossible if you are tethered in complicated matters of technicalities and how-to’s? Your territory zones are the beginnings; inspiration and inception, and the endings; completion and triumph.

In other words, you; creative, visionary, entrepreneur muse, need to Slay In Your Lane and leave the strategies and implementation to somebody else (hey, that’s me!).

Spending your time in service of your vision has never felt better, am I right?

Hi, i’m Fai.

I’m a digital strategist, tech wizard and virtual assistant to conscious entrepreneurs in the spiritual wellness industry. 

In simpler terms, I build beautiful and functional WordPress websites, create fun and engaging membership platforms, successfully launch online courses, write compelling email copy and strategy, and implement simple yet effective processes and internal systems so your business can thrive.

I ran away from the 9-5 in 2016 and my world has been set on fire – in a good way. It has allowed me to travel full-time with my laptop (I’m currently living in Costa Rica) and experience life in a more holistic and nurturing way. 

When I’m not working or taking up space in the outer world, I’m at home in deep observation and contemplating my inner world. It’s not as morbid as it sounds! I invite you to get to know me a little better over on my personal blog. 

Services & Packages

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Web Design, Hosting & Online Platforms

All of our packages are GDPR compliant and come with domain registration, web hosting for 1 year, SSL certificate, Privacy Policy and T&C’s.

What's the process?

We implement a 7-step process for all website projects. For a full description, please email us.

  • Brief. We will work together to identify your goals, the scope of work, project timeline, and budget.
  • Planning. With the scope well-defined, we move into the research and concepts phase, defining website structure, usability, and creating wireframes and mock-ups.
  • Design. Then, we move on to the design and visuals for your site, deciding a colour scheme, artwork, typography, and overall user experience. 
  • Development. Now we bring the creative vision into reality! We’ll implement functionality and bring your website to life according to initial goals and requirements.
  • Launch phase. We make final touches to your site, including any testing, quality assurance, transferring onto a live server, and integrating web analytics.
  • Maintenance. Ongoing maintenance is a must to ensure technical support from us. Maintenance includes design, functionality, and content updates, as well as hosting support and troubleshooting. 
How long does it take?

The actual timeframe for your website will vary, and we will define this during the brief phase. As a general guide, you can expect:

  • For STARTER, 2-4 weeks
  • For PROFESSIONAL, 4-6 weeks
  • For ADVANCED, 5+ weeks

*Please refer to download for specific package details

Payment terms

Payment is due twice: 50% before commencing work and 50% upon completion and sign off.

from $1500 

Copywriting, Editing & Blogging

Beautiful writing comes in many forms. I specialise in storytelling, blogging, course content materials, and developmental editing.

Am I the writer for you?

Writing is so much more than just writing. It’s your image and how you present to the world. To get a feel of my creative zone of genius, check out my personal blog at www.wildfai.com.

You might also like to see how I can translate your message into captivating copy. In that case, view my writing portfolio HERE.


All of the writing packages I offer are tailor-made and custom to your needs. After a free 30-min discovery call I will draft up a quote especially for you and your business. 

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Virtual Assistance

You can sync website and writing services into a VA retainer package depending on the scope of work.

What you'll get

As soon as work is agreed upon, you will receive a retainer agreement and contract to outline the scope of work and payment terms.

Monthly, you will receive tracking of time spent on your business along with a monthly report.

Payment terms

All packages are retainers, which mean the fee is pre-paid per month on a recurring basis. You will receive a retainer agreement at the start with tracking of time spent from me on your business every month.

from $225

Contact Me

Drop me a line here or send an email to [email protected]