Let’s Bring Your

creative vision 

to life

Let’s Bring Your

creative vision

to life

Hey! Creative, Visionary Entrepreneur Muse!

Let’s be REAL… A whole new way of doing business is emerging.

You’re creating the content, you’re showing up online, you’re delivering your expertise, you’re juggling all the pieces of your business and still nothing is really getting done. Not to the quality your business deserves at least.

You may have even grown to resent the technical parts of your business.

To give your business the credit it deserves and stand out and be successful in the online space, you can’t keep winging it. You’ll need to master a brand new set of skills.

But this is outside your zone of genius.

You’re a  V I S I O N A R Y  L E A D E R  and a creative one at that.

You pave the way for new possibilities and shine by inspiring a new way of being. You’re not about to get into the nitty-gritty.

Your greatest gift? Your vivid imagination that guides others toward an ‘impossible’ future, and you do it with strength, spirit, and conviction. You recognise the spark of potential in others and don’t hold back in letting others see it too. Perfection, beauty, connection and wisdom is what you seek as you are here to be a role-model, a leader, a pioneer, and a healer.

You’re not a tech wizard, a designer or sales strategist. Yet, the moment you step out of your zone of genius to master these foreign systems, you’ll dilute the core of your message and spread yourself too thin.

Well, a visionary spread  t o o   t h i n  is a visionary that’s helped no one at all.

How are you to imagine the impossible if you are tethered in complicated matters of technicalities and how-to’s? Your territory zones are the beginnings; inspiration and inception, and the endings; completion and triumph.

In other words, you; creative, visionary, entrepreneur muse, need to Slay In Your Lane and leave the strategies and implementation to somebody else (hey, that’s me!).

Spending your time in service of your vision has never felt better, am I right?

Hi there, I’m Fai

I’m a digital strategist, tech wizard and virtual assistant to conscious entrepreneurs in the spiritual , health & wellness industry. 

In simpler terms, I build beautiful and functional WordPress websites, create fun and engaging membership platforms, successfully launch online courses, write compelling email copy and strategy, and implement simple yet effective processes and internal systems so your business can thrive.

I left the 9-5 in 2016 in pursuit of my creative endeavours. It’s allowed me to travel full-time with my laptop (I’m currently living in Croatia) and experience life in a more holistic and nurturing way.

When I’m not working or taking up space in the outer world, I’m at home in deep observation and contemplating my inner world. I invite you to get to know me- that’s not always behind a computer screen- a little better over on my personal blog.


So, you’re a coach, a healer or a service provider, offering 1:1 coaching, group programs or online courses and…

You have a launch coming up…

 This is an exciting time for your business! Whether your launching an online course, membership platform, or a brand new freebie to build your list, you’ll need some techy hands to bring it to life.

Lead magnets, email automation, landing pages, checkouts, and seamless integrations – I set it all up so you can focus on creating and delivering your content.

You’ll get a highly customizable and user-friendly system created to fit your needs. 


You want a website or membership platform refresh…

 It’s 2023 – it’s TIME to update or create that site! I build beautful and functional WordPress websites that’ll live as an extension of your brand. You’ll be proud to share it!

If you need a membership platform, I’ll set you up with a high-powered all-in-one system that’ll house your courses and trainings and keep your students engaged. Don’t worry, I don’t gatekeep! You and your team will get recorded or live training on how to use the system for future use. 


Your business iS In need of some organization…

Managing the operational side of your business requires time, skill and meticulous execution.

Business operations, automation, processes and systems, SOP’s, mapping workflows, onboarding journeys and client handling – this is my jam.


And if you need full in-house support…

I work with highly experienced VA’s and tech experts to take your business to the next level. Let me know and i’ll show you your options.

"She was a lifesaver"

“I discovered Fai when I was growing quickly in my coaching business. She was a lifesaver at a crucial time when I was building a new website and launching an online course for the first time. She helped me with web design, back end logistics, creative direction and strategy and helped me design, manage and operate a lot of my systems.

I can’t recommend her enough. She’s an excellent communicator and always on top of everything. I’ve even referred her to my clients who are growing their business.”

Kevin Orosz, Relationship Coach


"She’s not your typical VA"

“The way she works is so intuitive, her communication is phenomenal the amount of work and effort and time she put into building our platform, I was blown away! I highly recommend Fai, it’s so much more than just hiring someone to execute a job, there’s an emotional investment in her end. She takes in the community involvement, the user friendliness and the whole customer experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to cradle this delicate project and deliver something so magical and beautiful. She’s not your typical VA that only works behind the scenes. She has a personality and a voice that comes through so beautifully. From one soul sister to another, you won’t regret working her, she’s phenomenal!”

Natalie Adele, Embodiment Guide


"Skilful, accurate and poignant"

“I initially hired Fai to write blog articles for my yoga retreat and spa, but when she arrived she actually helped me with a funnel marketing project and created sales pages. She’s multifaceted and can do many things. Fai is extremely creative, thoughtful, and has a lot of perspective on how to reach a larger market or target a specific audience. Her writing is skilful, accurate and poignant. I’m so glad to have her in my back pocket. She is a gift from heaven and is someone that I will always go back to again and again for any writing projects. Whatever you ask of her is time and money well spent!”

Aaron Star, Founder of Blue Osa Yoga & Retreat