Set Yourself Free with

Wildfai Creative

Set Yourself Free with

Wildfai Creative

Set Yourself Free with

Wildfai Creative


I will help you actualise your vision intuitively and aesthetically.

Try me.

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My name is Fai Fetwi, founder of Wildfai Creative and I’m about to set you free.

Wildfai Creative is a micro (read: one woman) agency specialising in web design, creative writing and virtual assistance for the conscious entrepreneur, small business owner, coach, and mentor.   

values & mission

Wildfai Creative

My mission with Wildfai Creative is to empower myself and others through meaningful service and gratitude, by way of utilising creativity to bring elements of beauty and appreciation to our world. I have worked in service for 10+ years by way of exchanging time for money, much less providing value or principle. What’s changed? Doing what you are paid to do is called a job, getting paid for doing meaningful work? Well, that sets me on fire.

Are you ready to bring originality, and elements of beauty and creativity to your business ideas?



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What we do

Web Design & Hosting 

It’s 2019, you are a business, it’s time to get yourself a website. Whether your goal is to inform, convert or sell, your website is the marketing tool that’ll bring your tribe right where you want them.

Our goal at Wildfai Creative is to design beautiful, functional and responsive WordPress (Divi) sites that you can then manage on your own.

Whether it’s a simple dedicated landing page or a site with 10+ pages and fancy features. I can tailor your website directly to your needs and then some…

Writing Services

You’re already steaming ahead of your business by showing up. Go you! But you’re too busy to write, edit and publish yourself? Conveying your brands message correctly will effectively attract the right customers to you. This is not something to crimp on.

Think of writing as if it were Karma. What you put out, you get in return. Need I say more?

If you are into creating positive, memorable and honest experiences then perhaps you’d like what I could do for you? Whether that’s through blogging, email campaigns or course content writing.

Virtual Assistance

Do you need a helping hand running your business? Are you running out of time, trying to tackle your to-do list and can’t keep up? Are you ready to invest in level-ing up?

Well, they say virtual assistants are the best-kept secret of modern productivity. It’s true! There isn’t a single human being residing in Great Mother Earth that is capable of accomplishing the million and one tasks involved in running a business.

Now is not the time to be shy, set yourself free by checking out my VA packages. Let’s see how I could help you.

“Staying in alignment with what is right for you means to align your actions with what you want for yourself. And if you don’t know what that means for you, I say, stop trying.


Be still, be  s i l e n t .


By cultivating inner stillness, you hold space for the world to keep spinning on its own and let true intent reveal itself. This is the delicate balance between action and non-action…”

If I haven’t been personal enough

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